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It might be the most beautiful two-word phrase in video gaming.

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Vagina bones The crease present where the thigh meets the abdomen in physical fit females "That girl is wearing her pants so low that her vagina bones are

Often enhanced by the pelvic bone

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vagina bone
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Vagina Bones is an internet slang term that refers to a woman's pelvic bones While it has been occasionally used to describe the visible outlines of the femurs in casual conversations

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Vagina Institute - World Center of Vagina Size Research Uncensored.

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Jamie McCartney's Great Wall of Vagina sculpture. vagina bones

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Normal Omkrets På Snoppen Allt räknat vid stånd och mätt från blygdbenet ovansidan av penis I've dissected cadavers, I've gone through bone collections, I've even seen the

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Some gamer/anime fan complained about prudish censors painting out the vagina bones in his Japanese TV shows Only RUB 193.34/month
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Although teeth are not literally bones due to lack of collagen, they're

"Yes," Harrow said "With my vagina bones

Vagina Buatan

"Yeah, the vagina bones." Gideon gestured vaguely in the direction of her crotch I can't stop writing it

Gamers think 'vagina bones' exist—and want them to - The Daily Dot

VAGINA BONES! I can't stop saying it Vagina bones.

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In this vagina type, both lips are hanging from the pelvic bone

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The two bone structures that comprise the vagina rest along the pelvic bone
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The staff used a machine called the Vagina Ozonizer, with a disposable insertion

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Omkrets kuk - tack vare tabletter - blir mer blod stor professionell stress.Om din den bästahelt Omkrets kuk Förlänga penis med 30 procent, dem kan du avsevärt öka längden män inte tala om
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But for localization from Japan to America, they'll wipe

'Vagina Bones' Are Being Censored Out Of Video Games And vagina bones

But "vagina bones" is a thing gamers made up—weebs had a hand in it too—where you see a They call them "vagina bones." I don't know why

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